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Virtual Remote is a missing link in  ProgDVB evolution.
It is not a free software.
After finding Virtual Remote suitable user is requested to donate $20 to ProgDVB development or 
directly to Virtual Remote's author 




United States 



Virtual Remote ver.4.5 with TV Guide
( full install)


Virtual Remote ver.4.5 with TV Guide
 ( update only )


Virtual Remote ver.1.5

   Files for Virtual Remote:


Channel Names List for Dish Network


Channel Names List for BEV


   Files for ProgDVB:


61.5/110/119 Transponders List

   Other Files





     Virtual Remote's major features are:

 New in the latest version 4.0:       

*** 44 hours guide ***

   ***   2 TV Guide instances  ***           
- watch one provider's TV Guide online and 
- another provider's offline 

  • Real time TV Guide:
    change channels from within the guide (double click on channel No or channel Name)
    favourites list
    selection by categories
    selection by languages
    search titles
    alert: pop-up window reminds about incoming prior selected event
    one click adding event to the Scheduler
    - auto refresh every 30 minutes

  • Time shift

  •  TV Guide broadcasted over LAN:
    - select 'LAN' option and in the client app insert server's IP or server's computer name

  • TV Guide offline  :
    for softcard users (SS1 softmode, SS2, TwinHan) for uninterrupt viewing

  • Save TVGuide to file
    - use 'Save TV Guide on exit' option to browse it offline

  • A/B switch:
    - switch between 2 different satellite providers (when using Diseqc switches)
    - or use the switch to turn your equipment on/off

  • Customizable HotKeys:
    the advantage of using VR Hotkeys is that ProgDVB window does not need to have a focus. 
    - very useful when using TV window mode.

  • Time synchronizing:
    automatically synchronizes computer clock using NTP (Network/Internet Time Protocol).
    - never miss your show.

  • User friendly Scheduler.

  • Scheduled recordings will automatically activate ProgDVB.

  • Multiple recordings can be saved into different hard drives.

  • Sleep function.

  • Wake-up with maximum volume.

  • Alert: pop-up window reminds about pre-selected event.

  • Customizable display's font size:
    -watch TV Guide on the television screen.

      Special options:

Screenshots (TV Guide):

Screenshots (General):

There is not need of having automatic A/B switch to take the  full advantage of dual Power On. Let say you watch 2 different signal providers and each time you swap dish cable and change ProgDVB settings.
Instead of doing that you can:
A. Keep ProgDVB in 2 different folders: make sure that \Modules subdirectories in both folders contain the same modules.
B. In Virtual Remote setup fill in the General tab required info.
C. Depending on you actual signal feed Power On -->A or Power On -->B as illustrated above.

Utility options:

1. 'Clear' button: removes all programming from the current window.
2. 'Load' button: 
use it to load (from previously saved file) and display TV Guide in offline mode (single mouse click)
use it to display raw data dump file. (mouse right click on 'Load' button)
'Dump' button: 
    - use it to save TV Guide in plain text file (single mouse click )
use it to create 1.5 MB raw data (pid12) dump file. (mouse right click on 'Dump' button)
4. Red light:
click on it to manually refresh displayed data.
5. 'A/B' switch:
it toggles selected ComPort output:
DB 9 ---> pin 7 (RTS) and 5 (GND)
DB 25 ---> pin 4 (RTS) and 7 (GND)


DiSEqC and A/B switch setup:


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